Weekly Owls Progress

Weekly Caterpillar Progress
September 24, 2017
Weekly Caterpillar Progress
February 5, 2018

The Owls had a wonderful week finishing a two week study of the incredible workings of the human body. This week we focused on how we use our 5 senses everyday to navigate, communicate and interpret the world around us. We also learned about the respiratory and digestive system through interactive activities.

Next week we will continue planting, planting, planting and expanding our indoor kitchen scrap garden. In connection with this we will be focusing on plant anatomy and plant health. Additionally, following the flow of our environmental lessons with Ms. Fikile and Ms. Marleen (our UT Austin Professors), the Owls will be using recycled items to create unique art. In the next few weeks we will be planning a larger art installation to help spread awareness about keeping our earth and water sources clean. Our Owls are very passionate about this project and are excited to begin working towards our goal. Once we have our measurements and blueprints of the design I will be asking (very politely and with extreme gratitude) for parents who are handy with constuction to help with the foundation.

In connection with the human body unit we discussed how to incorporate a healthier food challenge into our eating habits. The Owls played a matching game pairing healthy food choices with their not so healthy partner. Our Owls then indicated why one was a healthier option over the other based on how each affect our bodies.

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: The Owls learned about how oxygen enters our bodies and the role of the bronchial tubes and alveoli sacs in our lungs. Also, how oxygen is then delivered to all areas of our active bodies. Adding our 5 senses to Mr. One Hand, who now has two hands, thanks to our robotic hand addition from last week.