Vibrational Sound Healing

Our Founder, Lene, offers Vibrational Sound Healing and Gerson Therapy Protocols, as well as Nutritional Counseling and Home Health Care by appointment, for the general public.

VST & How it works

Workshops include information about Sound Healing and how you can benefit from it on your healing journey, as well as group demonstrations and individual mini-sessions.

Individual sessions include a full Vibrational Sound experience, helping to promote relaxation, rejuvenation and acceleration in your inner journey of healing.

Lene also offers morning energizing or grounding sessions for working moms. These are quick 15 minute pick-me-up’s, to set a beautiful intent for the day, and escape the morning stress getting everyone out of the door and reporting to work. 

A VST session can be a very special and memorable experience. Using sound and vibration, VST activates the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce stress in the body.

As the amount of water in our bodies is between 55% and 75%, the sound vibration in the body enables any imbalances in the body to return to a more balanced and harmonized state of being. Oftentimes, physical injuries may be healed or old emotional traumas released.

How can it help me?

VST sessions allows you to get into a deeply relaxed state, where time disappears, physical boundaries dissolve, and problems and worries melt away. At the same time, your energy flow is stimulated and senses awakened promoting natural healing processes to occur, leaving you with a feeling of comfort and sense of natural wellbeing.

Those who undergo a state of deep relaxation often report a feeling of mental freshness that they carry with them after the session is over. In short, don’t be surprised if you fall into a deep sleep during the treatment.

Relaxation and meditative states of mind have also been shown to increase the threshold for emotional response, meaning they can help us control our emotional responses to outside influences. Like other kinds of meditation, sound massage can help us be more internally aware, while being more present in the moment, and more connected with our surroundings.


Sound healing helps to clear energetic blockages and thus facilitates healing on a physical and mental level. Some of the benefits of sound therapy include:

  • lower stress levels
  • fewer mood swings
  • lower blood pressure
  • lower cholesterol
  • improved sleep

Over the years, sound healing has also been used to treat a number of conditions including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, and dementia.

What is a VST session like?

Preparing for a session

Wear comfortable clothing. Prior to the session you will be asked to remove all jewelry, shoes and socks. Sessions can range from 60 to 75 minutes. This includes an initial intake, discussing the client’s current body/mind conditions, and some “waking up” time after the session.

During your Session

The session is facilitated with you lying comfortably on a massage table (and can also be done sitting in a chair, or standing, for a mini-grounding or recharging session). You are fully clothed. Lene places the therapeutic singing bowls directly on the body (e.g., sternum, stomach, shoulders, legs, back) or, if you are pregnant (or have metal in your body), near the body.

Most clients start to relax as soon as the session begins. Muscles will lose tension, and you may even start to slip into the alpha brain wave pattern. The alpha wave pattern is associated with daydreaming and pre-sleep. At this point breathing slows and the body begins to absorb the waves of vibration. The slowing of breath and lack of muscle tension are both signs that the metabolism is slowing, giving rise to a feeling of warmth. This relaxed state allows your body to begin to repair itself instead of responding to outside concerns. The immune system is at its best when we are relaxed.

Going home

Please plan to be in a quiet, relaxed environment following the session. Drink plenty of water to help eliminate any toxins that may have been released. If you can, sit or lie down quietly in nature for a period of time. This will allow your body’s healing energy to integrate and be sustained. Avoid technology and any stimulating food, beverages or alcohol. Please note that the healing may continue over a few days after the session in which the mind and body may continue to be balanced.

Lene’s Focus and Studies

Lene has completed her first Sound Therapy Workshop in Europe in 1998, and returned to sound a number of times over the last decade to deepen her studies, seeking knowledge in healing conditions such as thyroid disease, and anxiety or trauma induced conditions. She was certified by the American Vibrational Sound Association in 2019, and has since worked with children, teenagers, and adults, supporting their healing journey.

As of recent, Lene has been working with women specifically in their healing journey (anxiety, thyroid disease, reproductive therapy, trauma release, pre- and post-natal healing, menopause and peri-menopause). She is also highly inspired to work with seniors undergoing various forms of health crises or degeneration, specifically the various stages of Dementia.

Seed Cycling, Hormone Balancing + Sound Healing

As a conscious raw Chef, Lene creates medicinal chocolates that help in the various stages of a woman’s cycle (seed cycling has been long known as sacred food therapy, helping to balance hormones, boost fertility, and ease symptoms of menopause). For many women with low progesterone, PMS, and PCOS, seed cycling can help balance hormone levels and can also potentially reduce symptoms.

When combined with Vibrational Sound Therapy, Lene’s clients experience the ease of menstrual (or chest, back, neck) pain, report to have less migraines, and are sharing excitedly to not have such heavy monthly cycles, leaving them unable to participate in daily activities (or work) several days every month. Using therapy bowls on the body, helps clear the body on an emotional and energetic level and stimulates the endocrine system to create the hormonal balance we all seek. It also improves sleep and de-stresses our mind.

Lene works with a range of ages, from toddlers (who love to see the water vibrate in a “soup bowl”), to teenagers (first menstrual cycles), to women who are in menopause, helping to regulate hormone responses, ease pain, or simply help with relaxation (and grounding, in the classroom). IMPORTANT: Lene consults with your practitioner, to ensure that any therapy in addition to our sound healing therapy is connected and treatments compliment each other.

Dementia + Sound

Dementia may be caused by a series of small strokes, or it may be caused by Alzheimer’s, a degenerative condition where brain tissue progressively withers and shrinks.

It is known that mental performance and memory can be improved through brain stimulation and Sound Therapy is one of the easiest ways to provide this stimulation. Science shows that music is beneficial for those suffering from dementia or brain damage as it activates different parts of the brain to normal speech. It is also for this reason that Sound Therapy is so effective, enlivening many different brain centers and giving the greatest chance of improvement in overall performance.

While it is important to introduce Sound Therapy early on before the symptoms of dementia become severe, it is calming and helpful in every stage and a support for the patient but also the caregiver. In the later stages, Lene works with patients on transitional release.

Lene’s Grandmother has been suffering from Dementia for many years, and only through sound healing therapies was she able to slow the progress and live a more calm and balanced life, filled with many moments of absolute clarity and joy.

BOOK A SESSION by calling Lene at 254-338-1333. Sliding fee scale available. Home visits are encouraged for elderly or anyone with dementia. Lene offers Pro-bono services currently only to women and children who experience high levels of trauma and anxiety.

DISCLAIMER: VST and Lene’s Offerings are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.