Habitat of Animals

Welcome to our MINDFUL Practice
February 5, 2018
Rewilding Austin
May 4, 2021
Following inquires of natural rhythms in ourselves and the earth the Owls had a great week studying different cycles. As the interest in these learning activities and lessons was so responsive we will continue with a theme of cycles into next week. Also, there are SO many different lessons we can explore under this theme! This also compliments many conversations, questions and observations that are originating during our creek explorations.
As a lot of our interests support the lives, behaviors and habitats of animals – we studied the circle of life through the transfer of energy in which plants and animals give life to another. We then created individual cycles of life energy labeling sun as the source, plants as our producers, insects and animals as consumers, apex predators as those who are at the top of the food chain and decomposers as their bodies give nutrients back to the earth. It was interesting to learn about which part of the cycle each student identified with.