I would like to personally welcome you to our Wholesome Generation website, a platform for passionate change-makers who are eager to empower young talent to lead social change.

At Wholesome Generation we are committed to offer children the high quality education they deserve and connect with their families as our partners, through a variety of healthy initiatives and community service programs. As you explore our site, you will be able to gain insight into our Reggio Emilio-inspired philosophy and how our unique curriculum is shaped within the founding aspects of it. You’ll also notice that the school connects to a variety of healthy outreach components and serves as hub for wonderful community collaborators that help us to create positive change in all that we do.

Wholesome Generation is a nourishing space where youth and their families experience an adventurous journey full of discovery, research, friendships, collaboration, exploration, and empathy, which support a lifetime love for learning. Our environment, which we call the “third teacher,” is a stimulating, inviting and promoting place where children can freely explore and learn about the world they live in. Our educators recognize that each child is a confident, capable, curious, and proficient individual, and believes in the unique potential of each child.

Our highly qualified team is dedicated to observe, document, play and learn with our youth, and guide our families. They are researchers who love to learn more about your children’s view of our world, and witness their developmental progress. They are the experts to guide you in this wonderful journey of raising children. And they live a conscious and balanced lifestyle, inspiring others to follow their positive lead.

Our current model serves youth ages 18 months through Grade 5, expanding to Middle School in 2024 (we are accepting students on our waitlist for a ’24 Grade 6-7-8 middle school opening).

As a mother of two children, I feel passionate about empowering youth with the knowledge and values to make food choices that are healthy for them, their communities, and the environment. Through deepening their relationship with nature, our wholesome model encourages stewardship by balancing human and ecological needs, and guides our children toward mindfulness, flexibility and social growth.

If you would like to tour the school with me or connect to help us create more opportunities for youth, feel free to contact me at 512-368-3885. Please enjoy your visit to our website, and I look forward to meeting you in person soon!

With love and in gratitude,

Lene Saint-Orens
Founder | Executive Director, Wholesome Generation