We strive to offer an environment that supports the whole health of youth and our community. We support health through its full integration into the school day with a focus on quality nutrition, physical activity, outdoor learning, culinary skills and social-emotional learning. We are committed to providing an enriching, supportive environment in which children can grow in their academic skills and self-confidence while establishing healthy habits for life, and where families can draw mindful and nourishing resources.



ECOLOGY LAB:Wholesome Generation is the recipient of the 2017 Nature U: Together Outside Mini-Grant, sponsored by the Michael & Susan Dell Community Collaborative for Child Health (the Collaborative). The Nature U: Together Outside award is presented to groups who are committed to promoting awareness of the health benefits for children and youth associated with spending time in nature. With this Grant WG will be purchasing a state-of-the-art professional water testing lab to conduct tests on the quality of our creek eco-system. WG is super proud to promote environmental stewardship and we are super excited about this opportunity for our students!

BEE APIARY: Wholesome Generation is super proud to have won a Grant from the City of Austin this January ’17 to support the build of and year-round Educational Lessons for a WG Bee Apiary. Our Students will have hand’s on experience setting up the stations (feeders, hives for the bees, etc) and continued year-round educational lessons with Educators from the American Honeybee Association Chapter of Austin, our new Community Partner.

WHOLE KIDS FOUNDATION GARDENING GRANT: Wholesome Generation has received a grant from Whole Kid’s Foundation to build sustainable gardens on site for all of our students to interact with. Gardening will be integrated into the curriculum with hands-on opportunities for our students to learn about how to sustainable grow food!