Due to our Covid protocols we are not able to offer bigger open house events (inside) and our protocol remains to keep our community outdoors; however, you can schedule a tour by filling out our FORM below or emailing Lene at

Tours will include a meeting by our outdoor community table for us to become familiar with your needs and goals, and then a walk around our spaces (gardens, playground and outdoor areas) and take a peek into our classroom to connect you with our learning environment. The lead Teacher for your child’s class will be able to connect with you as well, so you can exchange questions and thoughts.



Our community (youth, all learners are 10 or younger) are non-masking. We do not offer dividers, or tape between students, and we are hugely connected to celebrating friendships among learners, and are allowing them to hug (even our teachers), as the purpose and mission of our program is to co-create social-emotional health and well-being, and connecting youth with one another to excel learning and working in a small team.

Our community and schoolhouse has been free of covid cases this entire cycle, and so our focus will remain on regenerative agriculture, connecting youth to healthy soil, the freshly made (organic/local) snacks and meals we prepare and serve daily, the belief that health comes from healthy guts, mindful communities, and like-minded families who are all committed to creating health via boosting their immune systems and spending time in nature. Additionally, since our original launch in 2012, we serve youth in small learning pods (low ratios: no class overlap) fully outdoors (rain or shine).