This is a very unknowing and scary time for all of us. The next few months are going to be especially challenging for small and local businesses. We are of course concerned about how we can make it through to the other side and ask for your support. A lot of businesses are at risk of collapsing and we are no exception to that. Parents need care to report to work. Our Teachers are ready to provide a safe and healthy learning environment and we are happy to return to our classrooms on March 30, 2020.

I ask that you please continue to support our Neighborhood school and share any of your thoughts, as this continues to be a co-creation.

Your donation to Wholesome Generation not only allows us to provide educational programs to children. Our goal is to introduce under-resourced youth and families to learn in the outdoors (in collaboration with UT Austin, ACC, and TX State University), and teach them about the new currency, FOOD.

We are inviting students to show up as their full selves in our learning spaces, and letting them know that their individual contributions are appreciated. By fostering a culture of “yes”, we aim to teach the whole child (and a range of learning styles), encourage students to take ownership of their learning (through inquiry, exploration and independence), and provide opportunities for them to lead and develop their voices. Lessons are geared to teach literacy, math, science, community building, health, leadership and connection!

With your gift, you’re enriching their lives, improving their health and inspiring a new generation of change makers.

Thank you!

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