Wholesome Generation is on a quest to model and integrate conscious living, healthy eating, and sustainable eco-systems.

Engaging children and families in holistic, sustainable lifelong learning pathways through progressive education, nature experiences, food and community engagement.

To empower youth with the knowledge and values to become creators, while growing their awareness of healthy lifestyle choices for themselves, our communities, and the environment. Through deepening the relationship with nature, we encourage stewardship by balancing human and ecological needs, and guide our youth toward mindfulness, flexibility and social growth.

We create exceptional, nurturing educational experiences for our children, their families, and our community. WG connects students to the greater world around them – through the classroom and curriculum, through community and service programs, through international cultures + languages representing our community, and through hands-on learning both in the classroom and in nature.

  • Nurture a deeper understanding of local ecology through place-based, integrated nature education, inviting children and their families to form an on-going relationship with the world we share. This includes a connection to skill-based Entrepreneurial learning, empowering youth to create, vs consume.
  • Steward the health of our community by empowering youth and their families to make healthier lifestyle choices by offering affordable access to fresh, local plant-based food, and nutrition education, through all our programming.
  • Model a strong work ethic to youth.
  • Allow for a greater human-nature connection, as youth learns where their food [and water] comes from and how essential it is to balance a healthy food culture with the ecological systems we rely on.
  • Foster mindful practices that help children improve learning and academic performance and learn valuable social and emotional skills that build personal resilience for a lifetime.
  • Provide training, special events and tours of our model school to cultivate awareness about how sustainable systems are a critical tool to help solve our environmental crisis.

  1. Respecting Each Child: We offer an environment in which children are valued and thereby motivated to make choices and to explore answers without intimidation. Learning is collaborative with the teacher listening to the child and their questions with respect, uncovering interests and searching for answers together.
  2. Supporting Health: Physical and emotional health is essential for students to reach their full potential. Since its launch, the program has set out to break the cycle of pre-packaged, heat and serve, overly processed food, typical of school dining. We offer many opportunities for physical activity and a social-emotional learning curriculum designed to support the emotional health of each students.
  3. Social Collaboration: Learning is collaborative with the. Student have the autonomy to pick their own topics to explore, stimulating their sense of competence and ownership over their learning.
  4. Creative Communication: Children use language to investigate, reflect on learning, ask questions and share learning. We provide opportunities to express their creativity in many forms such as language, art, theater, movement, music etc.
  5. An Enriching Environment: We believe we shortchange our children when we provide them with an uninspiring learning environment. Stimulating environments centered on hands-on learning are essential for growth. Our research-based approach provides the necessary resources and time for investigative play and experimentation.
  6. Documentation: It is important to visually show the child’s learning process by documenting their thoughts, questions, investigations through photographs, writing, drawings, etc. We seek to make learning visible for parents and for our students.