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Wholesome Generation is a non-profit Organization focused on Women Empowerment and Holistic Youth Education.

Our program is designed to discover and support youth’s interests, while we prepare them academically through rich play-based and project-based experiential learning, and work with community partners to empower our next humanitarian leaders. We extend mindful opportunities for families and entire communities.

We are committed to supporting the whole health of each child through organic [local, whenever possible] healthy plant-based meals and snacks, nature-immersion, physical activity, social-emotional learning, and a holistic environment. Community partners are welcome to expand their research on our campus, and help us create a broader audience for what we do!

We create exceptional, nurturing educational experiences for our children, their families, and our community. WG connects students to the greater world around them – through the classroom and curriculum, through community and service programs, through international cultures + languages representing our community, and through hands-on learning both in the classroom and in nature.