Welcome to Our Wholesome Generation Camp Sana Summer Experience!

Tuition from our Summer Camp SANA sessions will support our food-forest expansion (Educational Garden, Community Garden, and scholarships for at-risk youth this summer). NEW: SUMMER CAMPS ARE ON A SLIDING FEE SCALE. If you are on a budget, please fill out the camp form and click on “SLIDING FEE SCALE” and we will contact you asap to take your information. You can also use CCMS for camp participation (as well as year-round enrollment).

If you are able, please consider sponsoring a child for a week-long camp. We always accept CCMS (and barter/volunteer work in exchange for Camp participation).

What is Camp Sana?

Built upon the Reggio Emilio understanding of the child, we provide children a nurturing and wholesome environment which allows the imagination to unfold. Our camps are led by carefully selected teachers who are enthusiastic about wholesome nutrition, being active + creative, embracing the power of play, and building a strong community for and with our children. This year’s camps are primarily held outside, in very small groups (no more than 10), with all snacks + lunches included.

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