We are excited to help you enroll in our community school for year-round learning, in workshops, classes, camps, or to co-create if you wish to volunteer or work with our multicultural team.

Please call or email us to receive more information, including tour appointments, our enrollment and participation availability, and offerings to be part of our community, regardless of income level. WG is a partner of United Way/AISD and as such, we support families enrolled into the UW/AISD program. We also accept subsidized care (via CCS), to qualifying families.

In times where the world is hurting, we ground in love and our experts and team experience and we are happy to share that we respect medical freedom and are truly holistic in our setting, with a focus on regenerative gardening and healthy organic soil culture for our youth to grow in, meal options (vegan, vegetarian, meat-based), and mindfulness program offerings for youth + families, with a heavy focus on small-scale outdoor learning.

CALL US   512-368-3885



Our campus is nestled at a 5.5-acre nature space in North Austin with a creek bed, educational and pollinator gardens, a Eco-lab, food forest, and small Tonkawa farmstead, with a mobile culinary classroom on site (our conscious Lovemade LLC Cafe), serving as the only Austin youth program that offers food security, nature-conservation + sustainability focused education, and community wellness, year-round.

RewildingATX was born in the Summer of 2021, when we hosted a skill building camp-out with survival and sustainability sessions as focus for youth ages Elem-High school. We have since expanded this vision and are looking to launch RewildingATX Camps in the Fall ’23 for our expanded community.


We turn screen time into green time by taking children into the outdoors. Children today spend less time outdoors than any other generation, devoting only four to seven minutes to unstructured outdoor play per day while spending an average of seven and a half hours in front of electronic media. Those who do not spend time in nature are less likely to protect it, leaving the future of conservation, our nation’s immense natural resources at risk. By engaging with nature, youth gain an understanding about the impact that their actions can have on our natural environment. 

We are passionate about growing healthy, wholesome food. We share skills and provide educational experiences in permaculture design, pollinator conservation, rainwater harvesting, organic gardening/botany and earth friendly living in the form of workshops and courses.

We use an edible and “living” curriculum, wide open spaces, our creek, organic gardens and mobile kitchen classrooms to teach about compassion, empathy, and social justice issues, all while we beautifully weave all subjects into each child’s individual learning plan. However, NOW more than ever do we need to focus on instilling love, peace & equal rights in all children. Young people need to understand equality and know their rights, to understand both how they should be treated, and how they should treat others. Teaching these subjects, and connecting locally and globally with organizations that empower our youth, creates a safe place for students to explore, discuss, challenge and form their own opinions and values.


Wholesome Generation, a 501(c)(3) women-founded Austin organization, develops and cultivates leadership skills and empowers positive change in our community through the implementation of a living, community integrated food, cooking and farm curriculum.

By facilitating learning in natural spaces, in our gardens, or by the creek, we inspire the conservation of native plants, provide a habitat for pollinators, foster opportunities to learn about local food and farming methods, and enhance human health and well-being. Wholesome Generation is a unique learning model, a forward-thinking cause and enriching experience, fostering a culture of “YES”.


Wholesome Generation strives to cultivate a renewed model of Education that allows the whole child to flourish, giving them a voice and agency in their own learning pathways, so that they can thrive with true purpose in our ever-changing world. From our origins in Austin, Texas, we have become a well-regarded movement in education, with new partners joining us frequently to help create our “edible and living” curriculum, educating for sustainability through community-integrated, entrepreneurial learning, in a natural environment.

We believe that every child deserves access to high quality education and healthy foods, regardless of their race/ethnicity, home language, socio-economic background, disability, or family income level. This includes opportunities to access advanced academics, enhanced health & healing practices, including forest & equine therapy, a conservation & ecology lab, nourishing plant-based meals, and the learning of life-skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, empathy, and collaboration.

Involving students into our day-to-day operation is key: with their diverse input and creativity, our organic gardens sprout and flourish as a rich learning environment, while our mobile kitchen classroom brings everyone together to share and learn a core set of principles. We deeply believe that empowered youth nourishes the story of community in many ways. Our campus and farm is a safe place where children and families can experience first-hand the transformational power of meaningful hard work in order to become healthy, productive, civically-engaged community members. By taking positive risks, like trying a new food for the first time, or producing solutions focusing on recycled art or a water conservation project, children have the opportunity to grow as leaders in real time. Each year, we provide access to over 10,000 meals, offer free (plant-based) school-lunches, and help 150+ students annually to learn about sustainability, in real world training.

WG includes a HEALTHY, ORGANIC/LOCAL lunch and two snacks daily (vegan/vegetarian/meat-options; gluten-free; refined sugar free; allergy friendly; organic + local, whenever possible).

OUR LOCATION: We are located at 12251 Running Bird Lane, Austin, TX 78758.

SCHOOL OFFERINGS: Caterpillars (Toddlers Ages 18mo’s – 3 years); Butterflies + Dragonflies (Ages 3-5 years); Owls (Kindergarten-Grade 1); Foxes (Grade 2-3); Wolves (Grade 4-5). RewildingATX: Elementary – High School offerings.

HOURS: 8:30am – 4:30pm year-round (8a-4:45p options available for an additional fee).

We are a 4-star TRS (Texas Rising Star) accredited program, and a partner of the United Way/AISD pre-K3/4 program.

TUITION AND FEES for the 23-24 SY:

Registration Fee $100 (annual)

Community Fee $1,000 ($1,500 for siblings)

Toddler Classroom (Caterpillars, ages 18 months – 3 yo) $1,200 (month).

PK-3 Classroom (Butterflies, ages 3-4 yo) $1,200 (month). United Way/AISD Partnership class (discount for qualifying families). CCS/WFS accepted.

PK-4 Classroom (Dragonflies, ages 4-5yo) $1,200 (month). United Way/AISD Partnership class (discount for qualifying families). CCS/WFS accepted.

Kindergarten – Grade 1 Classroom (Owls, ages 5-7 yo) $995 (month). CCS/WFS accepted.

Grade 2-3 Classroom (Foxes, ages 7-9 yo) $995 (month). CCS/WFS accepted.

Grade 4-5 Classroom (Wolves, ages 9-12 yo) $995 (month). CCS/WFS accepted.

CCS is accepted in all classes (Toddler – Grade 5), as well as Summer Camp Sana (WG offers year-round programming). Summer camps are offered with the same tuition schedule.

WG_Operational Handbook 22-23 SY